100% Organic

Aguacates Azteca currently has 420 acres in production, all of them being 100% organic and recognized as a certified harvest, which means that the fruit is free of any harmful substance for the human health and that has processes aligned to the standards of each of the certifying institutions that we belong to, which guarantees a production of the highest quality.

The best avocados 365 days of the year

The altitude of our gardens is 2,200 meters above sea level, so we have optimum temperature to conserve the fruit longer in the tree, which gives us the opportunity to have production all year long even when the product becomes scarce somewhere else, helping us to satisfy our customers all the time.

We growns our own plant/h2>

To ensure export quality production, Aguacates Azteca grow its own plant, taking care of them from the beginning and in every part of the process, starting with the selection of the seed until the time of the harvest.