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More than 20 years

  • 1996Start of the project

    It began in 1996, starting with the planting of Hass avocado in the state of Michoacán,
  • 2005Jalisco

    But it wasn´t until 2005 when the decision of changing of state was made to grow our business; so we started looking for new land suitable for planting.
  • 2006El Aguaje

    It barely passed a year when we started planting in a community called El Aguaje, located at San Gabriel County in the south of the state of Jalisco. It was then when with more land we became one of the first avocado farmers in the region.
  • 2010Aguacates Azteca

    Around 2010, the founder of the company decided to name it “Aguacates Azteca” to honor our ancestors who left us as heritage a crop that has transcended borders. At this point another important decision has been made, and it is to create a family partnership by taking the name of Aguacates Azteca RPC of SL.
  • 2011 100% Organic

    At the beginning, the avocado that was harvested was conventional, but it wasn´t good enough; so in mid 2011 we stopped applying chemicals to all the crops to start taking care of our consumers and workers health, and at the same time to help preserving and respect our environment.
  • 2018Today

    Aguacates Azteca currently has 420 acres in production, all of them being 100% organic and recognized as a certified harvest, which means that the fruit is free of any harmful substance for the human health and that has processes aligned to the standards of each of the certifying institutions that we belong to, which guarantees a production of the highest quality.

Our Values